Rabbi Stein married Dr. Martin Lewy'sister Johanna.He lived 1877(Harburg)-1917  (Berlin).Father of Ruth Flamm and Esra Stein. His story is told at www.lbi.org, by doing a Digisearch for Robert Lewy

Rabbi Isaak Stein had 32 family members. Here are descriptions without their marriage and progeny

1. Isador Leopol Hille 1861-1901brother in law

3.Jenni Hiller 1854-1909 Neice

4. Abraham Nebel 1861-1919 brother in law

5. Julius Nebel 1893-1963 neice

6. Moses Herz 1879-1953 brother in law

7 Private Flamm grandsons spouse

8. Private Flamm Great Grandchilm

9.Pruvate Flamm great grandchild

2.Bertha Neuberger 1888-1974 Neice

10.Private Krasnow Isaks granddaughter Spouse

11,Private Krasnow Isaks great grandchild

12. Private Krasnow Stein great grandchild

13. Private Zmora Isaks

14, Bertha Stedilne 1848-1908r first cousin once removed

15.Babtte Rosenkamm 1848-1848 first cousin once removed

16.Samuel Rosenkamm 1850-? first cousin ince removed  

17. Babette Rosenkamm 1855-1855 first cousin once removed

18.Helene Gertstle 1815-1856 great aunt

19. Bertha Wohlfarth 1840-1890 first cousin once emoved

20. Mathilde Gertstle 1842-1843 first cousin onve removed

21.Ludwig Gertstle 1844.1912 first cousin once removed 

22. Peppi Gertstle 1845- first cousin once remved

23. Jakob Gertsle 1847-1921 first cousin once reomved

24reabette Gertsle 1933

26.Gerson Gersle 1793-1819 second great grand father

27 Isac Gerstle 1787-1861 second great grandfather

28 Jacob Gerstle 1775-1865 second reat uncle

29. Anschel Gertstle 1787-1950 second great uncle

30. Abraham Gerstle second great uncle

31. Michael Schuler 1789-1835 great uncle

32 Sophie Schuler 1935-1835 first cousin once removed

33. Ulrich Rossbaum 1804-1880 first cousin once removed